About Premier

  • We shall strive for constant refinement and improvement of the quality of education provided.
  • The only really substantial thing education can do is help us to become continuous lifelong learners.
  • We hope that students in the classroom of tomorrow will be encouraged to be creative, not conforming (comply with rules, standards or conventions) and learn to cooperate rather than compete.
  • Expectations are set high for our new school, We aim for all children to be inspired and motivated to achieve their full potential and for all our school community to become lifelong learners. Together we can make a difference.


To be lifelong learners
To be able to look at things differently
To persevere
To be creative
To speak well, write well, read well and work well
To have integrity and self respect

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Premier Learners

  • Children learn best when they are happy and secure – The first aim therefore is to create a happy, secure, stable and caring environment in which children can develop to the full.
  • To develop the natural curiosity that children develop, exhibit about themselves and their world and use their curiosity to foster positive attitudes to learning.
  • To develop young learners with energetic and imaginative minds to think intensively and judgementally with a strong secular ethos.
  • To provide each student assorted education that endorses self-control, sense of duty towards society and excellence in education.
  • To assist the students in developing skills to become independent holistic learners empowered for life, help them grow into better human beings and make this planet a better place.

School Faculties

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    Neha Madam
    Biology Expert

    She is excellent at propositional knowledge, case knowledge and strategic knowledge. With two decades of her disciplined journey educating students for life, she had developed a complete recognition and respect among student, parent and social community. She possesses expertise in human engineering.

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    Dr. Manan Sir
    Chemistry Expert

    The most satisfying aspect of one and half decade of his work is helping shape the lives and minds of students. He is well organized and disciplined enough to apply structure to a flexible-but-demanding teaching schedule. He facilitate student learning through guided inquiry, direct instruction, investigations, problem solving and discussion.

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    Mukesh Sir
    Physics Expert

    Since almost one and half decade, he creates climate for active engagement in discussions and collaborations among students community. He makes groups working on meaningful experimental investigations, build and test scientific explanations, engage in thought provoking activities and conducting inter-group discussions and evaluation of each other’s arguments. 

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    Nirav Sir
    Maths Expert

    A passionate and dedicated teacher is much above teaching algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus. Working with students and appraising parents, team on performance of each student is an exemplary commitment of shaping students for higher education.